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Virginia – Auto Insurance

Virginia has  started the Insurance Verification Program which monitors for uninsured motorists. The key method they use for monitoring is electronic insurance policy records that all insurance policy agencies licensed to do business in the State of Washington are compelled to submit. This includes information on new policies, changes to current policies and the cancellation of policies. The electronic record monitoring, along with more traditional monitoring such as accident reports and police officer requests for proof of insurance make up the entirety of the program. The electronic method being the newest and most important, as this method was done with paper previously and was much harder to compare against registered vehicles, looking for those who have let their insurance lapse.


Virginia Bureau of auto insurance
Tyler Bldg.
1300 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: 1-804-371-9741
Phone Toll Free (In-State): 1-800-552-7945
Phone Toll Free (USA): 1-877-310-6560

Web Site: www.scc.virginia.gov/division/boi
Email: [email protected]

Virginia (VA) Mandatory Auto Insurance Minimums:

  • Liability: 25/50/20 = Bodily Injury Individual/Bodily Injury Total Per Accident/Property Damage
  • Other Mandatory Insurance: Uninsured Motorist
  • Regulations Regarding Proof of Insurance: Proof Not Required
  • Penalties For Not Carrying Mandatory Insurance: No penalty

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