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Besides providing proof of an individual’s’ permission to drive, a driver’s licenses are an important form of identification. Before licenses are awarded by a state, applicants will be asked to provide adequate proof of identity. Some of the common forms of identification accepted in many licensing facilities are:

  • A military identification card
  • A United States Passport
  • A student driver permit
  • A Social Security Card
  • An identification card issued by a state
  • An identification card issued by the U.S., a state, or an agency of either the U.S. or a state
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service identification cards or forms
  • The Alien Registration Card, I-151. Note that in some states, The Employment Authorization for Legalization Applicant’s Card (I-688A and I-688B) may not be sufficient as an identification document.

In many states, individuals may present a combination of documents as proof of identity. These items may include:

  • Birth certificate or registration cards. It is best to bring either the original or a certified copy
  • The applicant’s social security card
  • A marriage certificate or divorce decree. Again, original or certified copies will be best.
  • The applicant’s voter registration card
  • A government-issued business or professional licenses (e.g. cosmetology license, law license)
  • The applicant’s vehicle registration and/or title
  • The applicant’s original or a certified copy of his school transcripts

If applicants present documents written in a language other than English, there may be a delay. Most licensing facilities make good faith efforts to read and interpret these documents. Occasionally, they may need to FAX applicants’ documents to another office for assistance. If an adequate translation cannot be obtained, they may be asked to provide an English translation along with the original document

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