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Alaska Drivers License Hardship Law

Drivers Hardship License Law – General – Alaska


If what  you want is a “limited license” for work purposes and are not contesting the revocation, there is no need to request a hearing.  You may apply for a limited license by completing the requirements on the application form and paying the non-refundable processing fee of $100.00.  Limited license are only available for a first offense of DUI and second or more offenses of the Under 21 violation of driving after drinking.  Limited licenses can only be issued for the last 60 days of a revocation.  A limited license application can be obtained online or at most DMV offices.  There is no limited license available for cancellations.

For further information, please contact Anchorage Driver Licensing at 269-3770 or [email protected].


Under AS 28.15.201, for good cause, the department may impose limitations upon the driver’s license of a person that will enable the person to earn a livelihood without excessive risk or danger to the public. A person can restore driving privileges for final 60 days of revocation period if ability to earn a livelihood would be severely impaired without a limited license; the person has no previous DUI’s, has not been convicted of failure to submit or misdemeanor DUI, and completed any treatment program ordered.

A court imposing the limitation will:

(1) require certification of employment;

(2) require proof of enrollment in and compliance with or completion of an alcoholism treatment program when appropriate;

(3) require the surrender of the driver’s license; and

(4) issue to the licensee a certificate valid for the duration of the limitation.

However, under AS 28.15.251, if a driver’s license is suspended or revoked upon the accumulation of the number of points that requires that action under AS 28.15.221 – 28.15.261 and regulations adopted under those sections, a limited license may not be issued to that person during the period of suspension or revocation.

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