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When One is Injured in an Accident

When One is Injured in an Accident: People should never assume that they are not injured. They should remain in the vehicle and take a few moments to assess their physical condition and the situation. Some injuries, such as spinal vertebral displacements (e.g., narrowing of intervertebral disc spaces) do not manifest immediately. If you they are physically able, they should attempt to secure contact information of witnesses. If they are taken to a medical facility, their personal health care insurance provider may originally be billed, or the medical facility may request contact information for their automobile insurance provider. (Each state has its own law regarding the “priority” of insurers responsible for payment.) Individuals should remember that if they do not have either healthcare or automobile insurance, they are still entitled to emergency medical treatment until their condition is stabilized. This entitlement stands is true regardless of their ability to pay, and regardless of who caused the accident.

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