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When One Causes Accident

When One Causes an Accident: Individuals should never leave the scene of the accident. They should avoid statements of apology or admissions of fault: there may be other factors involved that they are not aware of. They need to render assistance to any injured persons, but not to attempt to move them. They should not move their vehicle unless the accident is minor. They should attempt to secure the names and telephone numbers of witnesses, even though they believe they are at fault. They must always be truthful to their insurance company. Misrepresentations may result in cancellation of a policy for insurance and expose them to even more liability. Some states require that a police officer always be called to the scene; other states require police involvement only in circumstances of declared injury. Generally, a police officer cannot issue a citation if he or she did not witness the accident, unless it is clear that the accident could only have been caused by one driver. Notwithstanding, others drivers may have contributed to the accident, even if they did not receive citations.

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