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Selected State Laws

ALABAMA: See Title 32 of the Alabama Code of 1975, (Motor Vehicles and Traffic), Chapter 7, Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act. Available at

ALASKA: See Title 28 (Motor Vehicles) of the Alaska Statute, Chapter 28.20, “Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act.” Available at

ARIZONA: See Title 28 (Transportation) of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Chapter 9, (Vehicle Insurance and Financial Responsibility). Available at

ARKANSAS: See Title 23 (Public Utilities and Regulated Industries), Subtitle 3 (Insurance), Chapter 89 (Casualty Insurance), Subchapter 2 (Automobile Liability Insurance Generally) of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Chapter 9, “Vehicle Insurance and Financial Responsibility.” Also see Title 27 (Transportation), Subtitle 2 (Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing), Chapter 19, “Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act,” and Chapter 22, Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance. Available at

CALIFORNIA: See California Insurance Code and California Vehicle Code, Division 7 (Financial Responsibility Laws), Chapter 3 (Proof of Financial Responsibility) Available at

COLORADO: See Title 10, Chapter 40701 et seq., “Colorado Auto Accident Preparations Act,” and Title 42, Chapter 7, “Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act.” Available at

CONNECTICUT: See Title 38a (Insurance), Chapter 700, (Property and Casualty Insurance). Available at

DELAWARE: See Title 21 (Motor Vehicles), part II (Registration, Titles, and Licenses), Chapter 21 (Registration of Vehicles), Subchapter 1, Section 2118. Also see Chapter 29, Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility. Available at

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: See DC Code, Title 35 (Insurance), Chapter 21 (Compulsory/No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance) and Title 40 (Motor Vehicles and Traffic), Chapter 4 (Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility). Available at

FLORIDA: See Florida Statutes Annotated, Title 37 (Insurance), Part 11 (Motor Vehicle and Casualty Insurance), and Title 23 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 324 (Financial Responsibility) Available at

GEORGIA: See Georgia Code, Section 40-9-1, “Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act.” Available at

HAWAII: See Title 17 (Motor and Other Vehicles), Chapter 287, “Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act.” Available at

IDAHO: See Titles 49 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 12 (Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility), Section 12-1229 (Required Motor Vehicle Insurance) Available at Listing.

ILLINOIS: See Chapter 625 (Vehicles), 625 ILCS5/ (Illinois Vehicle Code), Chapter 7 (Illinois Safety and Family Financial Responsibility Law, Article II (Security Following Accident). Available at

INDIANA: See Title 7 (Motor Vehicles), Article 25 (Financial Responsibility), Chapter 4 (Financial Responsibility). Available at

IOWA: See Iowa Code, Chapter 321A (Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility) Available at

KANSAS: See Kansas Statutes, Title 40 (Insurance), Article 31, “Kansas Automobile Injury Reparations Act.” Available at

KENTUCKY: See KRS Title XXV (Business and Financial Institutions) Chapter 304, Subtitle 39 (Motor Vehicle Reparations Act). Available at

LOUISIANA: See Louisiana Statutes Title 32, Sections 861 and 900. Available at

MAINE: See Title 29A (Motor Vehicles), Ch. 13 (Financial Responsibility and Insurance), Subchapter II (General Financial Responsibility) Section 1605. Available at

MARYLAND: See Statute Sections under Insurance (19-509) and Transportation (17-103). Available at

MICHIGAN: See Chapter 500 (Insurance Code of 1956), Act 218, and MCL Chapter 31 (Motor Vehicle Personal and Property Protection). Available at

MINNESOTA: See Minnesota Statutes Annotated, Chapter 65B (Automobile Insurance). Available at

MISSISSIPPI: See Title 63 (Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations), Chapter 15 (Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility. Available at code.NFO&softpage=doc_frame_pg.

MISSOURI: See Missouri Revised Statutes, Title XIX (Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aviation),Chapter 303 (Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility). Available at

MONTANA: See Montana Code, Title 16 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 6 (Responsibility of Vehicle Users and Owners), Part 1 (Financial Responsibility), Section 61-6-103, et seq. Available at O&softpage=Browse_Frame_Pg.

NEBRASKA: See Chapter 60 (Motor Vehicles), Section 501 et seq. (Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act). Available at

NEVADA: See Chapter 485 (Motor Vehicles: Insurance and Financial Responsibility Act). Available at

NEW HAMPSHIRE: See Title 21 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 264 (Accidents and Financial Responsibility), Section 264.16 et seq. Available at

NEW JERSEY: See Title 39 (Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulation), Section 39:6A-1 (Maintenance of Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Coverage. Available at

NEW MEXICO: See Chapter 66 (Motor Vehicles), Article 5, Part 3 (Financial Responsibility), Mandatory Financial Responsibility Act, Section 66-5-201 to 239.

NEW YORK: See New York State Consolidated Laws, Chapter 28 (Insurance Law), Article 51 (Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Reparations). Available at

NORTH CAROLINA: See Chapters 20 (Insurance) of the North Carolina General Statutes, Article 9A (Motor Vehicle Safety an Financial Responsibility Act of 1953), Section 20-279.1 et seq. Available at

NORTH DAKOTA: See Title 26.1 (Insurance), Chapter 26.1-41 (Auto Accidents Reparations Act). Available at

OHIO: See Title 29 (Insurance), Chapter 3937 (Casualty Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance), Section 3937.18 et seq; also Title 45 (Motor Vehicles-Aeronautics-Watercraft), Chapter 4509 (Financial Responsibility), Section 4509.20. Available at

OKLAHOMA: See Section 47-7-101 et seq. Available at

OREGON: See Title 56 (Insurance), Chapters 731-752, including 742 (Insurance Policies Generally). Title 59 (Oregon Vehicle Code), Chapter 806 contains the Financial Responsibility Act. Available at

PENNSYLVANIA: See Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated, Title 67 (Transportation), Part I (Department of Transportation), Subpart A (Vehicle Code Provisions), Article XIII (Administration and Enforcement), Chapter 219 (Proof of Financial Responsibility); Chapter 221 (Obligations of Insurers and Vehicle Owners); and Chapter 223 (Self-Insurance). Available at

RHODE ISLAND: See Title 31 (Motor and Other Vehicles), Chapter 31-30 and 31-31 (Safety Responsibility Administration), and Chapter 31-47 (Motor Vehicle Reparations Act). Available at

SOUTH CAROLINA: See Title 56 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 9 (Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act), Section 56-9-19 et seq. Available at

SOUTH DAKOTA: See Title 58 (Insurance), Chapter 23 (Liability Insurance), and Title 32 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 32-35 (Financial Responsibility of Vehicle Owners and Operators). Available at

TENNESSEE: See Tennessee Code, Title 56 (Insurance), Chapter 7 (Policies and Policyholders), Part 11 (General Provisions-Automobile Insurance) and Part 12 (Underinsured Motor Vehicle Coverage). Available at

TEXAS: See Insurance Code, Chapter 5, Part I, Subchapter A, Article 5.06-3 (Personal Injury Protection Coverage); Transportation Code, Title 7 (Vehicles and Traffic), Subtitle D (Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility), Chapter 601 (Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act), Subchapter C (Financial Responsibility). Available at

UTAH: See Title 41A (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 12a (Financial Responsibility of Motor Vehicle Owners and Operators Act). Available at

VERMONT: See Title 23 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 11 (Financial Responsibility and Insurance), Subchapter V (Insurance Against Uninsured, Underinsured or Unknown Motorists). Available at

VIRGINIA: See Title 38.2 (Insurance), Chapter 22 (Liability Insurance Policies), Title 46.2 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 3 (Licensure of Drivers), Article 15 (Proof of Financial Responsibility). Available at

WASHINGTON: See RWC Title 46 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 46.30 (Mandatory Liability Insurance). Available at

WEST VIRGINIA: See Chapter 17D (Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act)/. Available at

WISCONSIN: See Chapter 632 (Insurance Contracts in Specific), Section 632.32 (Provisions of Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies) and Chapter 344 (Vehicles Financial Responsibility). Availability at

WYOMING: See Title 31 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 9 (Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility), Article 4 (Proof of Financial Responsibility). Available at

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